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catherine meurisse
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Welcome to my online store!

I suggest you high quality skin care and nutrition products, based on innovative scientific research and whose approach is to propose a concept combining tradition, know-how and luxury made in France. A concept dedicated to global well-being, inside and out.

An unparalleled promise of naturalness and efficiency, thanks to the perfect combination of modern science and ancestral traditions.

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Promotions of the month:

This month, I suggest you the following promotions:

96.00 €

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Promotion Lifting Intense

This pack includes: 1 Lifting Intense + 1 for free!

34.77 €

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Flash Promo : Hyallur’Expert

This Pack contains : 1 Hyallur’Expert with a 15% discount!

34.40 €

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Produit du mois : Princesse de Jour

This Pack contains : 1 Princesse de Jour with a 20% discount!

34.13 €

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API Masque Pro Nutrition -20% Discount

This Pack contains : 1 API Masque Pro Nutrition with a 20% discount!

28.48 €

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Promotion Soin Solaire Visage Anti-rides -20%

This pack includes: 1 Soin Solaire Visage Anti-rides with a -20% discount !

27.68 €

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ThéraBaume -20% Discount

This Pack contains : 1 ThéraBaume with a 20% discount!

47.12 €

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Produit de Saison : Sérum Tensiale Cou & Décolleté

This Pack contains : 1 Sérum Tensiale Cou & Décolleté with a 20% discount!

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About Samata®: A favorite drink for yogis and more generally for those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, "golden milk" is a delicious recipe that allows you to enjoy the health benefits of turmeric while providing a wonderful moment of relaxation. and relaxation!